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With your subscription, you will receive a combination of snacks, ingredients, super foods or meal alternatives that will compliment your healthy eating lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a specific attribute or just want to improve your intake, Veata Box offers a variety of products for the best value.

Veata Box Types

There are 3 Veata Box types: Classic, Organic and Gluten Free. Which one is your favourite?


Healthy Snack mixes of fruits, nuts and grains that finally brings flavour and Organic together.

Gluten Free

Do you have a gluten sensitivity? Try this monthly package that both you (and your stomach) will agree is just right.


Can’t Decide? Our classic is a mix of better-for-you items that will keep you on the healthy track.

How Does Veatabox Work?

Step 1


Choose Your Box Type


Gluten Free


Step 2


Choose Box Size

Regular: 4-5 Full Size Snacks

Large: 6-7 Full Size Snacks

Step 3


Choose Your Subscription

One Time

6 Months

12 Months

We Want You To Be Satisfied

Change, Pause or Resume any time without penalties or fees.

If you don’t like an item in your box we will replace it free in your next box.


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“All snacks are recognized as a healthy alternative. The quantity and value you get in every box is worth every penny! I recommend the Healthy boxes to my customers seeking alternatives to combat their health issues.”

Nutritionist #1

President, Nutritionalist Item Ltd.

“Subscribing to Veata Box has changed my lifestyle. The monthly box not only gives me healthy, eating alternatives but it is a constant reminder to keep my health goals. It is my monthly motivator! There is nothing like the surprise of a Veata Box arriving at your door!”

Customer #1

Sales, Company A

What They Are Saying


“Loved it – One of the best surprises is receiving the monthly box and opening all the goodies!”

Cathy G


“I really liked product variation and unique offering – some cool snacks I can’t wait to try!”


Toronto Food Blogger, @Forkinhungry

“It was really cool to taste some different healthy products that I have not seen before. I seriously devoured some of the snacks in one sitting!”

The Girl On Bloor

Toronto Food Blogger, @thegirlonbloor

Previous and Upcoming Boxes



26 servings

Average 4g of fibre/serving

0mg of cholesterol

Under 50g of Sodium for all snacks

Average over 6% of daily Iron per serving

Average over 7% of daily Vitamin A per Serving

Cost for Products at Health Store: $30.76

Veata Box Cost: $24.99


Over 40 servings

Average 8g of fibre/serving

Less than 50mg of cholesterol

Over 200g of protein in all snacks

Under 220g of Sodium for all snacks

Average over 8% of Vitamin A per snack

Cost for Products at Health Store: $33.65

Veata Box Cost: $27.99


29 servings

Average 5g of fibre/serving

0mg of cholesterol

Over 150g of protein in all snacks

Under 220g of Sodium for all snacks

Average over 13% of daily Iron per serving

Cost for Products at Health Store: $28.10

Veata Box Cost: $24.99

About Us

Our Story


We are proudly located in Toronto and we aim to support local businesses both food and health related to provide awareness, knowledge and a better lifestyle for our customers.


With every box, we want the consumer to get excited with something new and unique they have never tried before – hoping to change their habits for the better in the process.


Our value will never be compromised. Bucks to Box we want to be the best healthy product solution for our customers – bar none.

Your Fuel is Food

Your fuel is food; Our fuel is changing lives. We want to be part of your healthy eating change – let’s start together today.

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